Jamba Juice: Live Fruitfully!

Hey guys! Jamba Juice is on a roll with their new campaign, “Live Frutifully”.  Jamba continues to encourage their customers with healthy and active living with their launch of Fit ‘n Fruitful smoothies. If you’re trying to get more fruit in your diet or a healthy meal replacement on the go, this is a tasty and refreshing alternative. You not only get more vitamins and minerals in each serving but you also get a nice balance of protein and fiber. The smoothies come in three delicious flavors: Berry Blend, Strawberry Raspberry Banana, and Peach Mango. You have to try them!

Jamba is so serious about getting you up and moving that they put on a little event to get some noise going about all the new healthy things that have launched. They invited all us crazy health bloggers to a day of fun exercise accompanied by their healthy steal cut oats for breakfast and their Fit ‘n Fruitful smoothies for an extra boast during our breaks.





Our day began with something pretty much all of us are familiar with: hula hooping! Pamela Crawford lead us in a fitness routine with weighted hula hoops. She definitely  made us all feel like a kid again.  Find out more about Hoopnotica.


If you love to dance then you would love Rahul Nath’s Bollywood Dancing. It’s like Zumba but Bollywood style instead. I had a blast jumping around attempting to mimic these dance moves. It was right up my alley given my passion for dance.  The music is like nothing I’ve worked out to before and Rahul’s energy is infectious.  Find out more about Bollywood Dance and Rahul and take a class. You wont regret it!

The most creative new fitness craze award goes to Bill Ninteau as he demonstated his Surf boards on the go. With SurfSET fitness you can get a full body surf inspired workout. Trust me when I say this was a blast! Check out the news coverage and demo. If you look close you may just spot me 😉 http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/video?id=8547149

Jamba Juice definitly knows how to throw a fitness party inviting Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom to the mix. Get ready to sweat through your crotch with their Pound Rockout Workout.  Weighted drum sticks and some rhythm went a long way with this work out. They mixed drummer moves with exercise and let me tell you their 20 minute session should have been first on the list. If you got some aggression to get out your system or just a pound or two that you wouldn’t mind losing, then these girls are worth your time. Check them out here.

Our day ended with some jump roping, parkour and some more dancing. Jamba Juice definitely made a health fitness bloggers heaven out of those 4 hours.  We ate, worked out, blogged, worked out, blogged, worked out some more and ate! We were all exhausted but walked away with a smile plastered on our faces.

Jamba Juice has made it their mission to become the leading healthy lifestyle brand offering customers great tasting and differentiated products inside and outside their stores.  They’ve given me more than one reason now to head over there when I’m in the mood for a healthy treat. They have really upped their game in healthy options offering fresh greens in your smoothies, a new Weight Burner Boost, and their Probiotic Fruit & Yogurt Blends.  If you havnt been by in a while swing by. Your original favorites are still there along with new healthier options.

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