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When our editor Elise spotted Cin X at a loud, crowded club, Cin’s gorgeous complexion and getup immediately set off the “LA GIRL!” lightbulb over Elise’s head. “I had to get her for you,” Elise told later. “I shoved my card into her hand…I hope she emails.” Luckily for us, she did.  Here, in Cin’s own words, are the secrets to her own unique Los Angeles girlness:

This LA GIRL grew up in the toughest parts of this fine city; I continue to take pleasure in traveling out and experiencing all the aesthetics this planet encompasses, from art to music and beyond. I currently co-host/net-j a live and uncensored punk rockin’ show called “IN THE BASEMENT,” or “ITB” on I play guitar for bands The Gypz and Useless, where you’ll see me rock out and have a good time till the morning hours. My hectic day to night or night to morning, rock n rollin’ schedule has determined my look…Here’s a brief list of my must haves.

Jojoba Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash
Dr. Bell’s Pomade
2-4 cups of hot Green Tea daily
Trader Joe’s SPF 30 for face and body
Freeman clay masks
Nivea kiss of flavor cherry lip balm
My Gibson SG worn cherry guitar
Lace, Leather, & amp; Leopard

Thanks Cin! You have beautiful skin! Any special routines you do to keep it that way (besides your list?)

Thank you Donna. Lots of trial and error on my part. Difficult taking care of acne prone skin like mine. Again, Thanks for making me a part of LAGIRL. This is what I do to maintain:

My lifestyle has determined the beauty regimen I follow, and of course my wallet. I finally did some research for my overall well-being- so I feel good, inside out. I drink plenty of hot green tea (and water); I take a daily multi vitamin for women, and incorporate antioxidant rich foods in my diet. I use Trader Joe’s products on my face and body: I wash twice daily with Nourish All In One Facial cleanser, I then use a mixture of the jojoba oil and tea tree oil as a toner for my breakout prone skin, I apply Dr. Bell’s pomade after toning (applied lightly during daytime and heavily at night.) I use Enrich moisturizer with SPF 15 or Refresh Face and Body sunscreen for extra protection during daytime hours. I also try and incorporate masks 2-3 times per week.


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