Horror Holiday: “I Love You to Death” and “Wedding Day”

Written by Greg Thompson

Just in time for spring break, 30+year film veteran Suzanne DeLaurentis is breaking two new movies. Movies that join over a hundred films in which she has been involved acting, writing, directing and producing.  Movies that can add to her long list of prestigious awards, mayoral proclamations, and dollars brought to local economies and the many charities she supports.  But the horror sprung on the victims never takes a break.

In the first film, Clay Foster’s deepening psychosis won’t allow him to let go of his dead wife Lily, whose corpse he keeps while investigating her murder. On three different nights he pleads with Death to let him keep Lily. Is it truly her that Death seeks?!? “I Love You To Death” (formerly “Death Do Us Part”) is full of intensely frightening encounters with Death, ‘Vampires’ and psychotic visions. The visual effects are amazing.

4Horsemen Films’ partners Andre Gordon and Stephanie Drapeau produced the second film, the soon to be released thriller, “Wedding Day,” which is scheduled for a limited theatrical release this spring.  Gordon, who also wrote/directed the film, was joined by Dale Fabrigar, co-director, and Everette Wallin, co-writer, to bring the story to life. After horror mag raves and a huge buzz on the web, the film attracted Executive Producer Suzanne DeLauentiis. The movie stars C Thomas Howell and David Koechner.  It also stars Stephanie Drapeau, Sean Field, Kate Siegel, James Lyons and Andre Gordon

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