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Tomorrow will be a week since I received my Dr. Prasad products. And today makes a week since I received yes-I must confess-me, that sunscreen lover-a sunburn. I thought I was in the shade, I thought I’d be out for only a little while, I thought…there is no excuse. I looked like something out of Star Trek, or a candy cane, because it was a red stripe down one-third of my face.

I am particular about my products, but I don’t discriminate by price. I give everything a thorough test-run: high and low, big and small-it doesn’t matter. I do believe in good quality products and visit my dermatologist regularly. I am all about aging well, which is what Dr. Prasad’s book, The Fine Art of Looking Younger, is about.

Rather than chiding myself (even more) for getting a sunburn, I leapt into action with the excellent Collagen Peptide Gel. This is a miracle worker. Two drops is all you need for major repair work. It reduces sun damage (hello) and increases moisture. I swear, I didn’t get that sunburn on purpose. For my poor, inflamed, red skin, I treated with the silken Satin C gel. This took down the redness within two days! Which brings me to my new favorite product that I have been wearing nonstop: Moist Silk Defense.  It’s a UVA/UVB SPF 30 that tries to a silky (not powdery or cakey) finish and it’s just gorgeous! No chemicals and no fragrances, so even with my sunburn, no problem.

These products are top-of-the-line, medical grade skin care. You can only purchase them through his website, but after test-driving them for a week under these conditions, they are truly worth it. Please go to Dr. Prasad’s website for more info.

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