Lawndale is the Meat in my Sandwich Sunday at The Beat Presents


Lawndale, photo by Gary Leonard

Lawndale has the reputation for being the band that will play anywhere. They are continuing their run of sea vessels, beaches, dives and pawn shops by performing at The Beat Presents: Elise’s birthday this coming Sunday. 

Lawndale formed in the mid-80s and for a short but glorious time was the meat in the sandwich on a standard Brother A-West /Lawndale / Minutemen bill. Post-punk SST Records signed them as one of the first “non-punk” bands, although Lawndale attacked instrumental surf music with the speed and ferocity of any punk band. LAWNDALE recorded two albums for SST: Beyond Barbeque in 1986 and Sasquatch Rock. They were a band’s band, and every SST musician was a fan. About their eventual break-up, the band will say only this, “Political differences concerning garden aeration systems and how they affect the true nature of existence were the basis of the band’s break up in 1988.”

Luckily for us, the band got together for a few one-offs in the mid-2000s, and  in 2009, they started performing again.” Unfortunately, Waddell declined, opting instead to play with “his” band that “he is the leader of.” LAWNDALE recruited BOMBORAS’ founder Mark Hoeschler to replace Waddell.” They still glow with the guitar stylings of original members Jack Skelley and Steve Housden, along with powerhouse drummer Dave Childs, the quiet one of the group.

In the end, other than a little backwards masking, and a random “Guacamole,” Lawndale has not found it necessary to utter but three words to knock your fucking socks off. Those words are “Atta boy Luther!” What more needs to be said?

The Los Angeles Beat Presents: Third Grade Teacher and The Bob Lee at the Redwood Bar & Grill, 316 W, 2nd Street, Downtown LA between Broadway and Hill. Sunday April 22, 4pm to 7pm, no cover charge, all ages welcome, full bar with ID.

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