Help My Eyes!

Dear DL:

I have had dark circles under my eyes for my entire life. They get worse when I’m out of sorts. Help!

-Rocky R.

Dear Rocky,

Well, if you say “Your entire life,” that means you’re like me, meaning thin-skinned (there, there, dear, have a tissue and a cup of tea) and those are your blood vessels showing. A very good concealer with sunscreen for day is a must. It needn’t be cake-y; there are so many great options that even if you don’t wear makeup this can disappear. Don’t worry about them-it’s genetic. Of course they get worse in times of stress because you don’t get enough sleep. Sleep is one of the best beauty secrets there is, along with water and sunscreen. Be sure to get all three. Try and avoid as much salt as you can.

For concealer, start in the inner corner of your eye. It will open up your entire eye. Use your baby finger and dab. There are also products made specifically for dark circles, like StriVectin, which has niacin. I’ve never used them, but you may want to try and let me know. It also has the double-whammy of reducing puffiness along with dark circles.

I’m excited because I’m getting some Dr. Prasad eye products soon which I’ve been dying to try, so stay tuned.

photo: DL

Donna Lethal

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