LA Girl: Ami Murray

Ami’s a former makeup artist, so when we asked her for her 10 things she couldn’t live without, she gave us 5 more as a bonus! This is an LA Girl who knows skin. Which is what we love!

In her own words:

I’ve always been told I have really nice skin and I attribute that to the
dedicated (obsessive?) care I take of it. number one rule: never ever do I
go out into the day without sunscreen on and number 2: DERMALOGICA.

  1.  You can’t have nice skin if you don’t wash it. just being out in the
    elements – sun, smog, wind, etc – combined with our own natural oils,
    touching our faces, on and on at the end of the day your face is dirty.
    period. I have sensitive skin so i don’t like to use soap. dermalogica makes
    my favorite cleanser and it is a gentle gel called Special Cleansing Gel. I
    wash my face with this in the morning and at night before beddie.
  2. After cleansing but before moisturizing I spray Derma’s Antioxidant Hydro
    super silly name for a product that is just essentially an additional
  3. Moisture! Derma’s Dynamic Skin Recovery with spf 30 part of their Age Smart line and it’s wonderful.
  4. Every other day I use the Daily Microfoliant (also Derma) to really get
    down into my pores and clean out the gunk
  5.  I use 2 Derma eye cream one for day use as it has spf 15 Total Eye Care and
  6. For night I use also from the age smart line Age Reversal Eye Complex...expensive, but worth every penny.
  7. For night after cleansing I use 2 drops of the overnight repair serum.
    it’s an oil with all sorts of lovely smelling (but not overly powerful or obnoxious!) freshness. kind of like lavender and sage…ish. but I have dry skin issues so I really need the extra moisture of an oil. yay!
  8. After the serum for pm’s i use Super Rich Repair creme. also just a very moisturizing and light night creme.
  9. Derma’s conditioning body wash for the shower is dreamy but a little too expensive, so I usually only get this for a treat! it leaves your skin glowing!
  10. Finally ONE that’s not Dermalogica…I have recently become obsessed with McEvoy Ranch body balm line called 80 Acres body balm. It’s made with, I think, only 5 ingredients number one being olive oil. again, I have dry skin so i do what I can to lube it up and this stuff is so amazing. it is olive oil but it absorbs nicely and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. and it smells wonderful : 2 scents – blood orange (my fav) and lavender.

BONUS: I also can’t live without a lip moisturizer…I usually use a Derma product but for the sake of shakin’ it up I’m currently using 80 Acres Lip Balm…olive oil, calendula, mint, something else…it’s super!

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  1. A more beautiful sister has yet to appear on this blue marble orb whizzing through space . . . and now we know how she nurtures her sweet, lovely face! 🙂 Great post, exquisite photo!

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