NSFW: This One Goes to 10.5 – Vanity by Jopen

I will admit that I am frightened. I just opened the Jopen Vr 10.5 and it seems huge. Having already experienced the intensity of the Vr 6, it is humbling to realize that this one is 4.5 more. In reality, compared to the toys I’ve seen at the Pleasure Chest, this fuschia beauty is on the low end of the size frightmeter.

It is hard to resist the Jopen’s sleek sculptural design. It even has its own docking station. One of the “rabbit” family of vibrators, the bunny ears look more like a duck bill, or if you hold it just right, a hand making heavy metal horns.

There are two buttons, one controlling vibration to an nth of a degree, making this a very high-end toy. The second button controls a circular motion, which is not my favorite thing, but no one is forcing you to use that feature. I mean unless forced orgasm is your thing. In spite of the intense power, the toy is superquiet, an important feature for both discretion and dignity.

Again, there is a slight learning curve as with the other Jopen. It takes a little adjusting to get it just right. But once you have it just right, look out. The length isn’t such an issue because there is only 4 to 5-inches of penetration in order to properly position the duckbill for clitoral stimulation. Overall performance? I have barely left the house. I can’t. I haven’t figured out the security travel lock yet.

Photo of melanie griffith by Astor via Flickr

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