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The Top Secret Decameron Dungeon Invites You in for a Peek

For the very first time, the exclusive and posh Decameron dungeon is opening its doors and inviting you inside for their very first lifestyle BDSM play-party. 1010: An Exclusive Affair for the Discerning Deviant will take place from 8pm until midnight on … Continue reading

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NSFW: Fun Toys’ Geisha Balls

At first glance, Geisha Balls by Fun Toys appear to be little more than a new take on benwa balls. The interchangeable spheres come in four different weights for “Five levels of training.” While they are designed to strengthen the vaginal … Continue reading

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NSFW: Key by Jopen – Vela Massager

Two words: But I’m not in an amusement park with KISS. It’s this:  The Key Vela Massager.  Now, now, you say, like I did, when  I opened the box. Another vibrator? It’s big! What’s the big (yes) deal? Here’s … Continue reading

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NSFW: Spicy Subscriptions

Spicy Subscriptions is kind of a thrill-of-the-month club. Every month they deliver a Spice Box “full of 5-6 cool love/intimacy products, toys and samples to subscribers’ doors.” (shipping free in the US). Red Velvet was gifted one of these boxes from Spicy … Continue reading

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Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

Many books have explored the interplay of dominance and submission, most famously the Victorian eroticas and most recently Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy. What explains the sudden popularity of “Fifty Shades of Grey”? Well, the Victorians can be anachronistic, and … Continue reading

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NSFW: This One Goes to 10.5 – Vanity by Jopen

I will admit that I am frightened. I just opened the Jopen Vr 10.5 and it seems huge. Having already experienced the intensity of the Vr 6, it is humbling to realize that this one is 4.5 more. In reality, … Continue reading

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NSFW: JOPEN’s Vanity Vr6

Whomever invented this sex toy is a genius. I say that because it’s nearly perfect. Actually , it is perfect. It’s definitely smarter than I am, because I am poor at reading directions, which I would definitely recommend you do … Continue reading

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