NSFW: JOPEN’s Vanity Vr6

Whomever invented this sex toy is a genius. I say that because it’s nearly perfect. Actually , it is perfect. It’s definitely smarter than I am, because I am poor at reading directions, which I would definitely recommend you do before you get this (which you should, by all means.) Although I did read the directions enough to know to charge it for four hours before, and to know where the buttons were, because they are nearly invisible.

It’s smooth to the touch (it has a satin finish) and does not resemble a human body part-something that always is off-putting to me when it comes to sex toys. Now, down to business. This is perfectly designed. Vibration point 1 is for G-spot action and that it does. I’m someone who is blessed (and I do not take that for granted) with G-spot ejaculation so I gave this a good trial run. Vibration spot 2 is for clitoral stimulation and-get this-you have the option of straight on buzz or a tongue-like feel. What I figured out, and would have known had I read the directions beforehand, is that intensity is controlled by holding the power button.  Intensity is the word here. This is the most intense toy I’ve ever used. Meaning:

Highly recommended.

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