You Spin Me Right ‘Round

Here is the ultimate way to prove you’re a diehard music fan – but here’s hoping you don’t actually die hard: sign up for And Vinyly, a service that will press your cremated ashes into a vinyl record after you die, so your loved ones can play it.

The record can play 24 minutes of music, or a vocal recording by you – with optional backing tracks or loops – or even just creepy vinyl crackling. For quite a bit extra, you can have the album cover feature a painting of you by award-winning artist James Hague or street artist Paul Insect.

The price guide on the site is entertaining. Body parts instead of your whole body are also accepted, but the site specifies, “cremated, please!” The paintings also require a one hour “pre-death sitting”. You can even have your record distributed to stores around the world!

Sadly, even the basic package is £3000. But you could start saving now…

Image via Jrim on Flickr

Simone Snaith

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