The Beat Recommends: Pete Escovedo at Hollywood and Highland

Pete Escovedo has his Orchestra at Hollywood & Highland tonite. Great stuff. Music is 7-9 pm, it’s free, parking is $3 with validation (buy a candy bar for a buck) and either buy the wine there or even better sneak something in. Hoo boy.

Pete and brother Coke were in Santana (and Azteca), his kid is Alejandro (of the Zeroes), and his kidette is Sheila E (as in Prince and several gorgeous covers of Modern Drummer), who sometimes plays with this bunch, wailing on the kit and looking beautiful. You try that.

Pete puts on a rocking latin jazz show with a great big sound. Some funk and soul here, maybe some pop there for me to complain about. Pretty cooking. Plus he’s the nicest guy on the planet. Cool scene, too. It’ll be crawling with latin jazz hipsters and dancers will be grinding away all over the place. Lots of babes. Plus you can go out onto the Boulevard and stare at the freaks and superheroes or go next door and put your hands into Judy Garland’s handprints and look like a complete jackass. They have footprints, too. And Jayne Mansfield stuck her….no she didn’t. I was making that up. I apologize. Nevermind. Better to just stay inside Hollywood and Highland. Really.

Oh….you can also try and win the free wine they give away between sets. You could wind up with some bowling passes and feel like an idiot, Jose Rizo handing you some bowling passes, but I won the wine twice in one month a few years ago. Really. People thought it was fixed. It wasn’t, honest. One of them was a big giant bottle of red wine that a number of you got hammered on at a party we threw probably just to watch you get hammered on that big bottle of wine. But you wouldn’t remember. You were too fucked up.

Written by Brick Wahl. Photo by Utnapishtim via Flickr

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