The Nail Files with Katie Cazorla

Katie Cazorla is a doll. No, really. Watch her in action on this week’s episode of “The Nail Files:”


Katie, you do a great Drew Barrymore impersonation. Has she gotten over it? Maybe collaborate on a polish?

 I love Drew! I’m sure she doesn’t even remember!  I actually had a polish in this collection named after her and at the last minute I changed it to Fiona!

 I’m still wearing my Marie Claire polish from last week’s manicure on the fly! These colors LAST.

OMG my new lacquers are so good!! Thank you for recognizing that! They definitely are durable and have the ultimate staying power!

I love that you’re wearing MC, I named it after my sister Marie-Claire!

Tell me a little about some of your specialties, like the Me! Bath Ice Cream Sundae treatment.

This is our very indulgent mani and pedi! You sink into the chair, get a fabulous ice cream scoop soak of your choice to fizz and moisturize your feet, a delicious sugar scrub (smells good enough to eat,  but don’t!!), cuticle and nail care, an ice cream sandwich callous treatment that you then get to take home and upkeep your feet, a wonderful masque topping (caramel, chocolate or marshmallow) hot towels and a body icing massage to top it off. Finish with lacquer or buff! Fat free and fabulous!

Any surprises this season you can give us a hint or two on?

I don’t lose my mind surprisingly enough! We just launched a Hair & Make-up Bar, added mobile services, threw some fab parties and I even got a key to the city I grew up in complete with a mini parade and a day named after me. Paaaaarty!!

What about judging the kid beauty pageant? Was that what you expected?

I didn’t expect some of the parents to behave the way they did especially in front of children! It was hard to be around. Plus I’ve never seen children eat so much candy and soda! I was a little uncomfortable!

And…when can I come in?

Whenever you want!! Omg you will love it!! 😉

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