“No One Can Go On a Diet For You!”

I love Nikki Haskell. When I lived in NY, I’d buy StarCaps from Bigelow Pharmacy. I was tweeting with Nikki lately and decided she’d be a good interview.

What’s going on with StarCaps? Why can’t I find them out here?

StarCaps are off the market! Pro athletes were using them to mask their steroids. I have a new product, Starshape. Sharon Osbourne’s lost 10 pounds on it, so have Taylor Dayne and Beverly Johnson.

What’s your secret for staying in such great shape?
Portion control! I eat every meal out. When I have a party, I cater, but I cook some of it myself. I split my meals with about ten of my girlfriends. During the day I eat meat, fish, and chicken twice a day and lots of fruits and vegetables. Remember: no one can go on a diet for you! And don’t go out with people who eat more than you. I date a man who doesn’t eat anything fattening. I also take Omega Fish Oil combo – see here. Most of my friends are diet-conscious. I just shot an infomercial for it with Beverly Johnson and Rikki Kleiman.

Where can I get some Starshape out here?!
The Mickey Fine Pharmacy, Camden Pharmacy, Beverly Glen Pharmacy and Great Earth in Santa Monica.

Donna Lethal

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  1. Shirley Pena Shirley Pena says:

    I wish I had enough money to be able to afford to eat out every day, cater my parties and buy enough food that I could split my meals up between me and TEN different people when I eat! No wonder I’m FAT, I’m too POOR to be able to follow these expensive tips to get THIN, lol! 🙁

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