The Taste: Cocktail Confidential

Cocktail Confidential is one of the more elegant and social events of the weekend. It is also the one that guarantees you are going to get wasted. I was expecting a 3:1 cocktail booth to food booth ratio but it was more like 6:1. As I so eloquently put it after a few drinks, “There is not many food here.”

Among the food there was, beef skewers from Katana were tender and juicy, Nonna of Italy presented delicious arancini, and Picca/Mo-chica had a bright ceviche on a chip. The Pigs Feet Under truck was there with a fantastic grilled cheese sandwich and spicy fried macaroni and cheese. Chef Michael Fiorello of terranea blew everyone away by roasting whole lambs, as he does on “Mary Had a Little Lamb” night.

My favorite cocktail of the night was a peach and bourbon cocktail from Blvd. I also enjoyed Cuarenta Tres, a vanilla liquer with ginger beer. After a gin drink at Ray’s and Stark, I decided to stick to Bourbon to not get a hangover mixing drinks too much. So I also enjoyed the smoked whiskey from Wood and Vine, and some kind of punchbowl concoction from Villain’s Tavern.

It was nice to see other bloggers and writers there, especially South Bay Foodies, and to run around supplying chefs with drinks. Cheers!

Elise Thompson

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