Noodle Neighbors: Pho So

No noodle has spawned more bad puns than the innocent bowl of pho. The fact that Pho So is so delicious bears testament to the fact that you can’t judge a book by its cover (or name). Located right next door to Kotohira Udon, the decor of the room is donut shop-fast food plastic with long, family-style formica tables.

As for the pho, the broth is clear and beefy and the vegetables are fresh and vibrant. The steak and brisket are melt-in-your mouth tender. The “number one” includes rare steak, brisket, tripe and tendon. Unless you’re squeamish, the tripe and tendon are worth trying, although they are really just there for texture. The tripe is fringed chewiness and the tendon is like meat jell-o. The noodles are slippery but substantial.

The service leaves something to be desired, with drinks arriving late or not at all, and the wrong order often being delivered. But you aren’t here for perfect service or atmosphere; you are here for rich, steamy pho. And in that department, they deliver.

Elise Thompson

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