Upcoming: To Kill a Mockingbird

One time only..!! On the big screen.. Full theater presentation of ‘TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD’ W/ Gregory Peck..’The Dude’ likes classic films, and this is one of the best ever made. That is why it came out of the vault for this special showing. If you have not seen or do not know the impact this film had…You should. Excellent interpretation of the book and so much more.

Imagine Depression era Monroeville, Alabama. Harper Lee wrote about her own youth as this story. Published in 1960, this Pulitzer winner was a challenge and triumph for film and Hollywood. Gregory Peck is Quoted as saying “It was the luckiest day of his life” Note: Nelle Harper Lee and friend Truman Persons (Capote) chose to be writers in 1947… ‘Genuine and Bonafide American Originals’ Get some of this..!! A very special nite..!!’The Dude’ likes good stuff..This ‘IS’ good stuff man..Abide…. Century City AMC Theaters Nov. 15th. only..@ 2pm. & 7pm. Century City AMC Theaters Nov. 15th. only..@ 2pm. & 7pm.  Go on line for tix…’The Dude’. 

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