NSFW: Spicy Subscriptions

Spicy Subscriptions is kind of a thrill-of-the-month club. Every month they deliver a Spice Box “full of 5-6 cool love/intimacy products, toys and samples to subscribers’ doors.” (shipping free in the US).

Red Velvet was gifted one of these boxes from Spicy Subscriptions. The packaging is discreet, but inside lay an elegant black box. Included were a full-size bottle of Dona Kissable Body Drizzle and an assortment of sample paks of lubes and similar products. The newer Spice packages will also contain “toys.” Although aimed at women, the packages are unisex, and the products work for both straight or gay couples.

Red Velvet felt it was her job, nay, her duty, to try out the products for quality before recommending the Spicy Box to her faithful readers. I am averse to flavored oils and the like because they tend to be plastic-y. But the Dona tasted like butterscotch without any strange flavors. However, the scent lingered and made me crave Haagen Daz mid-coitus.

Jo Personal Lubricant for Women was velvety smooth and did not get tacky. O’My Natural Lubricant also got a “thumbs-up” from my volunteer assistant. A new product, Swipes Lovin’ Wipes, is definitely for women. I found it left me clean and fresh. Nonetheless, after being covered in drizzles and lubes, I still felt the need to shower. Red Velvet is, after all, a lady.

“The Premium Spice Box is $24.99 and every month the subscriber receives 1 Personal Toy, 1 Full Sized Product and 4-8 Trial Sized Products. The Deluxe Spice Box is $34.99 and every month the subscriber receives 1 Deluxe Toy, 1 Full Sized Product, 1 Deluxe Accessory and 4-8 Trial Sized Products.” Use code LABEAT for 10% off.

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