Watch the Premiere Screening of the ‘It’s a Girl!’ Film

Rita Banerji, Founder and CEO of ’50 Million Missing: a Campaign Against India’s Female Genocide.’

Rita Banerji, Founder and CEO of ’50 Million Missing: a Campaign Against India’s Female Genocide:

“Courteous greetings to all the readers of the LA Beat,

‘It’s a Girl!’, the much awaited new documentary film on female ‘gendercide’ in India and China, directed by Evan Grae Davis, is now being screened in countries around the world.

It has already premiered on NDTV in India, and the one word we’ve repeatedly heard from people who’ve already seen it is ‘POWERFUL!’

Image courtesy of Shadowline Films. Copyright 2012.

The film is now officially nominated to the Amnesty International’s Reel Film Festival in Toronto in November 2012, on the most urgent human rights issues of our times.

Here’s the link to see the trailer and the scheduled screenings in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Europe, Australia and India:

You can also organize a screening in your college, organization or home. Keep checking the list for new screenings added everyday. ”

Here’s what Evan Grae Davis, the director of the film, has to say about why he made this film. Powerful words:

Nothing I had seen in my travels around the world as a documentary film maker even remotely compared to the scale of routine injustice in the practice of  female gendercide.

We met courageous activists in India willing to share their first-hand experience with gendercide, yet frustrated with the lack of support and awareness. We spoke with doctors and government officials unwilling to speak on camera. We captured tragic stories of families trapped between their desire to have daughters and the policies and cultural morays that stood in their way. One family inspired us with their courage as they endured ridicule for educating their four daughters who would otherwise be destined to marry into poverty and be subject to dowry violence.

That trip to India subsequently sharpened the focus of my company, Shadowline Films on female gendercide exclusively as one of the most serious abuses of human rights of our time.

As the Shadowline team debriefed, it was a unanimous decision: our first documentary film must be dedicated to exposing the truth about gendercide.

As we prepared to release our film ‘It’s a Girl’, I asked myself whether or not the world will respond to our calland rise up in defense of the innocent. Our heart-felt hope and desire is that the stories of ‘It’s a Girl’ will capture hearts around the world and will compel us all to rise up and launch a movement to end gender-based violence and killings and restore worth and dignity to the girls and women of India, China and of the world.”

November 14 is Children’s Day in India, and this is a special post to remind people that millions of little girls, especially under the age of 6 years, have been killed in India only because they are girls. What is killing so many little girls in India? Rita Banerji, the campaign founder and CEO, talks about it in this article on The Women’s News Network:

Also read The 50 Million Missing Comprehensive Report on the state of girls in India in context of literacy, child marriage, sexual abuse and other data:

Please don’t forget to SIGN THE PETITIONS which will be used as a public lobby force to push world leaders to take a stand on the implementation of laws to stop this genocide in India. Here’s are the links, please circulate them:


All photos and images courtesy of Rita Banerji and 50 Million Missing: a Campaign Against India’s Female Genocide

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  1. Signed! I was reading about this online too.

  2. Shirley Pena Shirley Pena says:

    THANKS for signing, Simone! I was discussing this recently with an Indian doctor I used to work with, who shocked me by saying (off the record) that he seriously believes the number is HIGHER, because way out in the country it’s harder for the govt. to keep track of live births! When this organization told me that the incidents have INCREASED substantially in the last few years it really blew my socks off! Growing up, I knew about this going on, but was naive enough to think this monstrous practice had stopped-NOT! :'(

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