Beauty Army

Don’t you love the way that sounds? I mean, I’d join a Beauty Army. They’d probably let you sleep late, with a lavender mask on your eyes, then wake you up with cucumber slices to combat puffiness. Before you marched out to combat ugliness in everyday life.

But that’s not the Beauty Army I mean. There’s a whole new onslaught of monthly beauty-by-design kits that range from $10 and up, causing my friend to exclaim, “Oh, I remember those from the Seventies: Cosmétique!” And as a kid, I loved Cosmétique, too! My aunt would give me her Cosmétique cast-offs and I’d sport the latest green liquid eyeshadow (in my kitchen) that week. But hey, it’s back, and at Sephora all month, so it’s all coming around again.  And hey, Cosmétique is still around. Who knew?

Of the numerous picks – Allure Magazine had a nice roundup of some of them here – I tried a few websites and settled on Beauty Army because of the freedom of choice. And I loved what I got so far (even though I picked it, it’s still fun to get a nice surprise in the mail of 6 little goodies.)
Auntie Sam Wants You!
A typical Beauty Army box.

Allure has also started its own beauty-subscription service, too: SampleSociety. I’m tempted.

Image via Beauty Army/Allure.

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