I Went to Target and…

…all I got was pinkeye. Gross! I had to throw away my mascara. Luckily, I nipped it in the bud, and it inspired to me do a thorough cleaning of my makeup tray. I work two blocks from Sephora (ouch) so I waited a few days, wearing dark glasses at work-I can get away with that-and headed over. In the meantime, I have plenty of sample sizes to get me through from my many sources–and I subscribe to both Ipsy Glam Bag and Beauty Bar’s Sample Society monthly.

What I’m wearing today: Sue Devitt Luxury Lash Mascara.

I give high points to Sue Devitt Makeup all around as she makes my very favorite lipsticks. I’m generally not a fan of long-wearing as they dry out my lips and leave them in horrible condition, so what a surprise that her satiny-smooth, super creamy and beautifully colored lipsticks have major staying power-I wasn’t even trying! I apply her Microquatic Bioluminescence Illuminating Concealer with SPF 20 (say that three times fast) where needed and I’m ready to go with this.

You know you’re supposed to throw away your eye makeup after 6-12 months but do you, really? Do you throw away any of your old makeup? Do you wash your brushes? Bergdorf Goodman used to tweet out little reminders on Fridays that I loved. Here’s a handy guide to makeup expiration. Don’t wait.


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  1. Argh, I wear eye shadow that I’ve had for YEARS…! No side affects so far. 🙂

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