Eclectic Company Theatre to Mount a Full Length Play from Concept to Performance in 24 Hours for its 5th Annual New Year’s“ONE DAY PLAY”® Celebration

Art Work Courtesy of Manny Lezebnik for Eclectic Comany Theatre

Art Work Courtesy of Manny Lezebnik for Eclectic Comany Theatre

Plays developed from concept to full-fledged performance in 24 hours; ever hear of ‘em?  Activist, Angeleno, interdisciplinary artist, teacher, feminist and animal rights crusader Rachel Rosenthal first founded the form in the 1950s and only the bravest of the brave production companies have ever had the nerve to attempt such a feat since its inception.

Most, if not all, theatre groups mounting such a performance will primarily focus on a series of short pieces in the guise of a short play festival.  Full length plays are rarely, if ever, attempted but the Eclectic Company Theatre  has decided to tackle this horizon for the first time ever in this year’s December 31st “ONE DAY PLAY”® Gala.

An established New Year’s Eve tradition, writers will begin hashing out the concept the evening of December 30th and write into the wee hours of December 31st.  Actors will receive the script early in the morning, rehearse all day, then give two presentations on the night of the 31st; the first at 8 pm and the second at 10 pm.  A party to ring in the New Year will follow the second performance.

WHAT:  “ONE DAY PLAY”® A full length play created in 24 hours from concept to performance.

WHO:  Produced by Kerr Seth Lordygan and Meghan McConnell.  Presented by The Eclectic Company Theatre.  Written and performed by the artists and associates of The Eclectic Company Theatre.

WHERE:  The Eclectic Company Theatre, 5312 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Valley Village, CA 91607.

ADMISSION: $15.00 for the first show.  $20.00 for the second show (includes party with light refreshments and Champagne toast).

RESERVATIONS: (818) 508-3003.


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