Krampus Ball!

drndlandkrampusGood times were had at the Krampus Ball last weekend, although an unexpected stage dive during The Kramps’ set did result in an ambulance’s arrival at the end of the night. (It was Mike Odd of Rosemary’s Billygoat, but I’m not sure if he injured himself or someone he landed on…)

But the crowd was a fun, eclectic mix and everyone happily posed for pictures back and forth. There were some truly committed Krampuses as well as many assorted demons with horns, angels, Santas, and girls in traditional dirndl dress. There were cookies on hand, and a bar that sold wine and tall cans of Stiegl.

I probably could’ve just milled around all night, watching the projections on the wall of Krampuses that looked as gnarly as orcs in Lord of the Rings, but the main entertainment was the performers: the emcee from Alpine Village’s Oktoberfest, John Baumgaertner, introduced DJ Krampwerk (Ego Plum) and then G.T.E.V. D’Oberland, Inc, a Bavarian social-dance organization, who kicked things off with traditional dances, bell-ringing and Alpine horn blowing. At that point, it felt very much like what my friend called it when I sent her an invite: “a really weird Oktoberfest”.

There was a Krampus costume contest, (I think the impressive guy in the photo above was the winner), and then Timur and The Dime Museum went on as Santa Klaus Nomi, and they were a big highlight of the evening. Frontman Timur (an opera singer, according to their website) was fabulous and hilarious. There was also a “wild rumpus” of very impressive, traditional Krampuses that burst into the crowd, rattling bells and stamping their feet. They spanked, poked and charged their way around us, too fast for me to get a good shot. (More photos after the jump)

The Kramps (Radioactive Chicken Heads) were good fun, although moshing with horns is probably not a great idea. I was knocked over by one overexcited Krampus, who spilled my Stiegl! Krampusfest continues next Saturday, December 14, with a “Naughty or Nice” group exhibit and performance at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica.









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