The Los Feliz Murder House

exteriorIn the winding hills of Los Feliz sits a house trapped in time. The 1925 Spanish Revival boasts over 5000 square feet covering three stories, including maid’s quarters and a ballroom. The house’s claim to infamy dates back to December 6th of 1959 when Dr. Harold Perelson beat his wife Lillian to death with a ball-peen hammer before viciously attacking his 18 year-old daughter Judye. She managed to escape and run to the neighbors’ house. Perelson’s two younger children, aged 11 and 13, ran into their parents’ bedroom after hearing screams. The doctor told them, “Go back to bed. This is a nightmare.” After they returned to their rooms, the doctor dispatched himself by drinking acid.

The children were taken in by family members who moved them back East. In 1960, Emily and Julian Enriquez bought the house, visited and stored some items there. Otherwise both they and their son Rudy, the current owner, have left the home to the feral cats and black widow spiders.

To this day, the house remains much as it was in 1959. Even Christmas wrapping and ribbons can still be seen . There has been some trespassing and some scavenging leading to the installation of bars on  some windows . Neighbors put a chain across the driveway and a security system has been installed. The city required that 77 year-old Rudy Enriquez fix the stucco and repaint the house. But like his parents, he refuses to sell the property.

And so the house remains empty, and the mystery grows. Rudy Enriquez insists his unwillingness to inhabit or sell the house has nothing to do with the murder-suicide. That does not stop the curious from continuing to peek into the dusty windows and jump when the alarm begins to beep.


The Los Angeles Times: On a Los Feliz Hill A Murder, then a Mystery

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