Hugues Wisniewski’s Short Film: Headshot Takes a Shot at Taking the Audience in a Most Heady and Explosive Direction

Photo Courtesy of Hugues Wisneiwski

Photo Courtesy of Hugues Wisneiwski

To what lengths would you go to get your headshot to a prominent (or even not so prominent) talent agent and wow them with one short audition?–Pretend to be the agent down the hall? Wear the Groucho Marx nose and glasses as you simulate a flower delivery into the office? Fake being the agent’s mother-in-law and swear you’ll be nice this time (whether the agent is married or not)?  Or pretend to be the agent’s agent.  Wait, do agents even have agents?—An age-old question explored in this little six minute gem of a film I recently discovered.  Starring Marcelo Marcondes and Charlie Meany, this compact independent film packs a punch as it explores this rather commonplace of scenarios in a most direct, yet unexpected and decidedly uncommon manner.

Photo Courtesy of Hugues Wisniewski

Photo Courtesy of Hugues Wisniewski

Set in an ironically dumpy and basementy talent agency to foreboding music, this internet film directed by Hugues Wisniewski encompasses five minutes of an agent’s time for thirty seconds of an actor’s as our presumed thespian, played by Charlie Meany, prepares to face rejection, yet faces far more than that as the film reverses its power plays between the characters a few times over, only to fold in on itself like the most intriguingly cinematic of M.C. Escher illustrations—to speak nothing of illustrated wordplay of the cinematic object’s title in question.

Headshot has appeared in various and notable film festivals including:

Alice Film Festival, San Francisco

Tiburon Film Festival, San Francisco Bay

Hollywood DV Festival

Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival

It is well worth taking a look:

Billy Montana, a wannabe actor, in search of Hollywood stardom and in desperate need of a talent agent to represent him is given only 30 seconds to take his best shot. Success finally knocks, but will Billy take a shot?

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