Sexy Hair: Road Test, Part I

I’m fortunate in that a stranger will arrive at my door with a bag full of beauty products to test. When I was a kid one of my favorite games was “mad scientist,” and trying out new hair, skin, body and nail formulations is never boring. Sometimes you find those favorites that become essentials and that’s happened with Sexy Hair. I was given this blow dryer and it made me realize that yes, good blow dryers change everything. This summer gift was from the Healthy Sexy and Style Sexy Hair lines.


With the latest batch, I really road-tested these babies and this is only part 1. I travel a lot – from Los Angeles to the High Desert (which is extreme, if you don’t know it) and the East Coast. So we’re talking dry to even dryer to humid, thunderstorm weather. Throw in sand, salt water, sweat, hats and airplanes: perfect lab conditions!

Water, Protect Me SPF 15 sunscreen, and Moisturize Me Lip Balm: A-OK. Water, obviously – for Uber to LAX. I go through lip balms like mad, and this soft, smooth, non-waxy and non-chapping (some still do) was last week’s beach tester. I also layered it under and over tinted SPF gloss and it didn’t go waxy. Well done. Sunscreen: A-OK. SPF 15 is a little low for me, but this is great on hands while driving.

Soya Want It All – 22 in 1: This is one of those products that I really run with, because it’s a leave-in treatment – perfect for air travel, beach days, and desert anytime. I’ve tested the gamut from cheap to high-end, with varying results. Yes! Leave-in treatments are not all the same and many of them just do the basics: coat your cuticle and end there. You wash and feels great and smooth, but that’s the end of it. This baby has been in my bag for the last 10 days and I can say for sure it works. Soy, cocoa and argan oils (I love oils) = well, here are the 22 benefits:

soya want it all

22 key benefits include: Thermal Protection, Humidity Resistance, Moisture, Nourishment, Body Building, Repair, Shine, Smoothness, Color Protection, Detangling, Elasticity, Environmental Protection, Anti-Static, Anti-Frizz, Anti-Aging, Soothing, Strength, Style Control, Damage Control, Lightweight, Priming and Damage Prevention.

Color protection is a big one with leave-ins. When I’m on the East Coast I get frizz in my stick-straight hair and this got me through the week. Well done. And it smells great – in that yummy way that doesn’t overpower your perfume. A new staple.

double soy

Soy Renewal Oil: You might think with the 22-in-1 I’d have enough oils, but I’m in the desert a lot. Temps out there are, predictably, very high in summer, and in addition, I’m hiking and out and about which means hot, dry damage. This one also offset that East Coast frizz when I ran a little through it in the mornings as it’s also a styling/finishing product in addition to a treatment (pre- or post-color, or as a boost, which I did along with the 22-in-1.

Part II coming soon. Thank you, Pivotal PR and Sexy Hair!

Donna Lethal

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