Sexy Hair: Road Test, Part II

Shampooing while traveling is a mixed bag. Unless you’re familiar with the water, you can end up with problems like flat, lifeless locks (from hard water) to loss of color (too much chlorine.) I get my hair professionally washed weekly when I’m in Los Angeles. Aside from doing a much better job than I do the rest of the week, if you have a regular salon, it’s a mini-massage. It’s also a good barometer if I’ve been traveling and unaware of damage.

I bring my own brands with me and they give me feedback on how the shampoo is (really, I am the person who does things like this.) So when Sexy Hair sent me a big gift bag of products from their Healthy Sexy and Style Sexy Hair lines, the shampoos were sure to get a workout.

Color Safe Soy Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner: First of all,  they smell incredible.  I know I said that in a previous post but I am just in love with this scent: luscious and unclinging. Because they are sulfate-free, they don’t foam in a huge way, but that means they are majorly color-safe. “Oh, I really like this one,” my shampooer said. All she usually says is, “Wow, you’ve been traveling again, huh? Your hair so dry.”

healthy sulfate free shampoo

Hitting the road again, I used  their  dry shampoo Style Sexy Hair H2NO. This little wonder product absorbs excess oil, product build up, and impurities to extend the life of blowouts and leave hair looking invigorated. Formulated with a lighter formula for less of a product feel, this 3 day style saver helps prolong the time needed between shampoos, resulting in healthier, more vibrant hair.  And last three days it did! This one got me through humid, stormy beach weather and airport travel looking fresh and sleek.


Donna Lethal

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