“Hardcore DEVO Live!” at The Egyptian with Q&A

When Devo first arrived on the rock scene in 1978, they seemed to have arrived fully formed, their de-evolutionary concept and absurd visual aesthetic already developed. By the time of their Warner Bros, debut, the group had been honing this bent edge for half a decade, recording at home and performing wherever they could around Akron, Ohio. The recordings made during this initial phase of their existence have been collected on two volumes under the name Hardcore Devo and were re-issued two years ago by Superior Viaduct. Inspired by the new interest in these raw recordings, the group hit the road in 2013 for ten shows based on the “Hardcore” material. At the time of the tour, bassist Jerry Casale explained that, having just endured the passing of his brother, multi instrumentalist Bob 2, the band preferred to return to the songs they developed before he joined, rather than seek a replacement. The show we saw in Solana Beach last year was an incredible and unexpected treat, a chance to hear songs like “Mechanical Man”, “Baby Talkin’ Bitches” and “U Got Me Bugged” played live for the first time in almost forty years and see these guys revert to their former selves.

This year will see the release of Hardcore Devo Live!, an 85-minute concert film from last year’s show in Oakland by from director Keirda Bahruth and editor Richard Ballard. The film will have its premiere at the Egyptian Theater this Saturday night, along with a Q&A panel featuring the filmmakers and the band members. We encourage you to lay a million eggs or give birth to one.

Hardcore Devo Live! screening at the Egyptian Theater on Saturday, January 17 at 7:30pm. Click here for advance tickets.

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4 Responses to “Hardcore DEVO Live!” at The Egyptian with Q&A

  1. Devin Wooldridge says:

    And the official after party will be held right next door flowing the screening at the Pig & Whistle – All welcome!

  2. Kit Watson says:

    As Devin said, there will be a kickin’ After Party, at the Pig ‘n Whistle pub, which is right next door to the Egyptian. It will start immediately upon conclusion of the Post-Discussion with band members and film personnel (which, in turn, is right after the film premiere). Also… there will be an organized Fan Gathering and Photo Op at Devo musical HQ, Mutato Muzika, 8760 Sunset Blvd., at 3:00PM. This will not include a tour of the business. It’s only a front-of-building gathering and photo-snapping opportunity. Flyers and more info on the events of the day and evening can be found on the “Hardcore Devo LIVE! Los Angeles screening” Facebook event page.

  3. Paulah says:

    It was AMAZING!!

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