LADIES and LOBSTERS: A Magical Night of Art, Wine and Comedy—at Oh My Ribs Theatre this Coming Saturday!

Photo Courtesy of Matti Berglund

Photo Courtesy of Matti Berglund

Artwork, wine tasting, female stand-up comedy, more artwork, more wine tasting, comics from Comedy Central, Showtime, and Last Comic Standing!!!—What do all these things have in common?   They are all things you can meet, watch, drink, witness and purchase at Oh My Ribs’ next enterprising event; LADIES and LOBSTERS: A magical night of art, wine, and comedy!  Presented at Oh My Ribs Theatre this coming Saturday, February 28th at 7:30, the night will include the stand-up comedy of Jackie Monahan, Katie Massa Kennedy, LeeAnn Tooker, Jodi Miller, Amy Witry, Shelagh Ratner, and Lisa Gopman and will feature the work of artist Matti Berglund.

Having grown up in Norway, Berglund is inspired by all things handmade and views any and all imperfections in their construction an added facet to their seamless beauty. Having collected collectors all over the world, her work is dubbed “old school” particularly in light of the fact that she never works digitally and is always hands on.  Most of Berglund’s paintings make use of oil/acrylic on canvas.  Her exceedingly colorful artistry has been dubbed “sophisticated yet child-like” and displays a decidedly strong use of symbolism, her favorite emblem:  The heart.

For more information on Matti Berglund and her work, please visit her website.

For more information on LADIES and LOBSTERS: A magical night of art, wine and comedy along with Oh My Ribs Theatre, please visit their website.

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