The Dog Days Of Summer – Lunch Goes To The Dogs In DTLA

Pet-friendly buffet

Pet-friendly buffet

A delicious lunch was hosted today by the Canidae Natural Pet Food Company in DTLA, attended by dog and food-lovers alike. Canidae was there to promote their line of all-natural foods by serving up a smattering of treats “inspired” by their canine and feline offerings.

While the lunch fare was very tasty, I was tempted to find out if the pet food could be consumed by humans (I actually thought they were going to make the human food out of all pet food ingredients to show how natural they were), but our dog and cat friends require a bit more fat content than we do. Well, most of us… So I was advised to just stick to the human food and bring home a doggie bag. Many dogs were in attendance, but apparently the cats decided to wait to read it here.

The star of the show was in my opinion, Jack, an adorable little “Puggle” who wasn’t seemingly bothered by the lack of an eye (yes, the dog was affectionately known as One-Eyed Jack). Many dogs, all natural treats, and a patio-seat on a great day! The true judge of the grain-free all-natural Bison kibble was my Bull Terrier, Boris Trotsky, and the people at Canidae must be on to something because he “woofed it up”, although I’m sure he would have preferred the lentil kale tarts. Sorry buddy, you have your food and I have mine!

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