Third Eye Blind: Rain And Loathing In The O.C.

Dedicated Fans Wait In Rain

Dedicated Fans Wait In Rain

Tonight’s scheduled Third Eye Blind concert at The Verizon Amphitheater in Irvine was rescheduled for July 27th on account of flooding in the venue. They sure have some dedicated fans though!

Prior to the event, I’m hoping that the drive down to the venue will be shorter than the actual show. The 5 on a Sunday can be a trip through the gates of hell, especially in the summer with all that Disneyland traffic, and it’s not even NAMM season. Third Eye Blind have a great sound, so off I go in search of an evening of solid entertainment.

I’m not your typical 3EB fan really. Sure, I’m familiar with some of the work, but I haven’t really followed them for some time. But if you’re reading on this far, I’m going to assume that you aren’t my usual target audience also, you really like this band and you’re expecting at least some critical review of the concert. Fans have waited about a year and a half for a live show in SoCal and I would not want to disappoint them.

The venue was easily located, once one navigates down to the far reaches of the O.C. The O.C. can’t be that big, right? I’ll just get there and there it will be. Right. I follow the cars, zip through to VIP parking and wander over to will call and grab the pass. After that drive, I’m hoping there’s a restroom close by. Not to worry. Follow the other line.

So on to the actual events. Right about now, the rain that everyone in California has been praying for so many years decides to show up right at the pre-entrance to the show. There are already people lined up at least a half-mile deep. I’m not kidding. This must be one hell of a band, with fans like this lined up in the rain, which is now really coming down. Police trucks are cruising the site, advising that the show is going to be delayed. The fans don’t care. For some reason, they aren’t opening the venue. They want these fans to really have to work for this one, and the fans aren’t budging.

I see maybe three cars headed for the exit. I was at a Stones show in early June and considered bailing because of the rain. Fortunately I didn’t, because it led me here (that’s another story). It’s close to 8pm and people are still streaming in, lining up, and not caring about the pouring rain. If they can hack it, so can I. This is rock and roll after all….

I am back in the somewhat dubious comfort of my car where I was advised to wait, wishing I could see the venue from here so I could spring out at just the right moment, fire off some pictures, and then get my review written. Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to store refreshments in the car. I lived through the 70s, I’ll just regress…..

And all of a sudden, the parking lot is awash in a sea of red. Tail lights. I ask one of the tailgaters. Yep, the show has been postponed. Apparently the Verizon Amphitheater has been flooded out, not that I think a single fan would have cared. A concert in Southern California postponed on account of rain? Has this ever happened?

This all seems vaguely familiar. Wasn’t I at the same venue back in 2000 and drove all the way there to find out the show was cancelled, just as I was pulling into the parking lot? I checked my ticket stubs just now and sure enough, it was the Jimmy Page concert in August 2000. I used to think that it was a curse that followed Jimmy around. Come back Jimmy, all is forgiven! I’m still however 0 for 2 at this venue!#@!

The show has been rescheduled for July 27th, so not to worry. And with a dedicated fan base that will stand out in the rain and get soaked waiting to see them, I don’t think the band should be worried. That’s some fan-base!

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  1. Bethany says:

    Many of those dedicated fans were not there for Third Eye Blind. They were there for the co-headliners Dashboard Confessional. If you had talked to any of the fans walking around you would have figured that out.

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