VidCon Day 1: Photo Gallery


The VidCon sign at the Anaheim Convention. Photo by Genesia Ting for the Los Angeles Beat.

VidCon: the digital media convention where fangirls, influencers, creators, and brands come together.  The number of attendees grows each year.  In 2010, VidCon had just 1400 participants.  Fast forward to now, 2015, with over 18000 participants.

VidCon has a place for everyone.  Fans can enjoy meeting their favorite YouTubers, exploring booths, play in the designated “VidCarnival,” or attend YouTuber interviews on the first floor of VidCon.  The second floor, the “Creator” floor, allows those who want to grow as an influencer, to attend informational panels.  The third floor, the “Industry” floor, is essentially an all-access pass – targeted towards business individuals.  You can read more about VidCon here.

All photos are by Genesia Ting for the Los Angeles Beat.  You can view more higher resolution photos from VidCon Day 1 here.  Check out VidCon Day 2 photos here.

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Genesia Ting

About Genesia Ting

Genesia Ting is currently a student, amateur photographer, and graphic designer. Genesia found a strong passion for concerts and photography, and decided to pursue a hobby as a concert photographer for the Los Angeles Beat. She enjoys discovering new eateries in the Los Angeles area, finding interesting events, and exploring different parts of LA. You can check out some of her photos on Flickr.
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