New Moon: Hang out in Venus Rx

Beat the heat like Pete.

Beat the heat like Pete.

Flake, flake, flake! What a frustrating few weeks leading up to Friday morning’s new moon in Leo. Big, bold, and, King of the Jungle, Leo (Mick Jagger), is appropriately ushered in by a meteor shower. With Venus retrograde (hello, old lovers, whoever you were) ’til September 6th, people are tuning out and turning off, and pretty cranky about it all, too. It seems like everyone has relationship gripes, missed cues, and cancelled plans. So what do you do?

Well, it’s August! Hang in there and enjoy the rest of the summer, because as the incessant heat (which I love) reminds us – slow down and relax. Take cues from your animal (spirit or flesh.) Look at them laying on the floor sleeping all day – they know the deal. They’re not called “Dog Days” for nothing.



If you’re smart like my coworker Miss Wednesday, you’ll bookend your plans so you’re not peeved when that flighty Gemini predictably cancels Saturday night’s plans. What does Wednesday know that we don’t? It’s not about her. And in true Gemini style, they have no idea that this behavior can greatly annoy people. Want to stay cool? Don’t be the one to point it out.

It’s been an interesting week for behavioral observation, that’s for sure. Yesterday, people were telling me they were drained, frustrated, and burnt out. Today we’ve got raised voices, closed doors, with a combo of end-of-week exhaustion, one very obvious “sick day” and a whole lotta overtired energy. Don’t engage and you’ll be fine. (As I type, there is a jackhammer going off outside. Would I like to flip them off as I walk by for my late morning coffee? Sure. Will it help? Oh, come on.)

Remember that when you get to Wyoming (or Attica, or the end of that incessant line), comes Leo. In all of its showy, energetic, center-stage glory. The switch is gonna go back on soon. I promise. And the person out sick? A Leo, of course.


Donna Lethal

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