Tillamook Wild Food Foraging Workshop

Photo of Nature's Supermarket (Wild Fennel in foreground)

Nature’s Supermarket (Wild Fennel in foreground)

Photography by Paula Lauren Gibson/AfroPix
Photo of The Variety of Forageable and Edible Seeds, Plants and Fruits

The Variety of Forageable and Edible Seeds, Plants and Fruits

Looking at a Malibu hillside, I would have never thought “Food!”  That is until now. Tillamook, the cheese, ice cream, etc cooperative – as part of promoting their “#ForRealFood” campaign, – sponsored a wild food foraging presentation at the 1Gun Ranch in Malibu. Pascal Baudar, wild food forager extraordinaire explained why when he looked at the hillside, he saw a supermarket.  His wife, chef Mia Wasilevich, then took some of those wild ingredients and various Tillamook products to make some fabulous dishes.  As I told one attendee, if you had told me one week ago that I would eat something off a Malibu hillside and love it, I would have said “you’re crazy”.  Guess not.

Urban Outdoor Skills

1Gun Ranch Malibu

Tillamook Dairy Co-op #ForRealFood


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