Goodbye, El Chavo


Written by Joanne Laciste

El Chavo, which has been in existence since 1966, is closing its doors for good this coming November. This Mexican restaurant will forever hold a special place in my heart. For those who are familiar with the Los Feliz and Silverlake area, you are aware of this restaurant, and you know what I mean. Personally, El Chavo wasn’t just a place for good food and drinks. It was a place for good fun.

How many times did I celebrate my sister’s birthday here? I believe for the past three years, this was the spot…and for good reason. Although my sister lives right down the street, the convenience of its proximity wasn’t the reason we chose to hang out at El Chavo. The experience and memories that we have had with the place, and its ability to genuinely bring on laughter, smiles and an interesting crowd is why we went.

Laciste sisters' last hurrah at El Chavo

Laciste sisters’ last hurrah at El Chavo

Last week, when my two sisters and I found out that the restaurant was closing for good, we immediately made plans to have one last hurrah there. Friday night we ordered our usual margaritas — they are such a kick in the face! Just the way we love them.

Amidst the food and drinks we inevitably got lost in deep conversation, gossip and laughter. We took pictures and snaps, posting  them to social media, ordered rounds of drinks, and filled our mouths with tacos and enchiladas.

So, here we were capturing the last moments of this place. Thank you for the memories. El Chavo, you will be missed. If you have never been to this restaurant, or would like to say goodbye, you still have a couple weeks left. Enjoy! 4441 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Photo of mural courtesy of IK via Flickr

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