KISS at The Morrison Hotel Gallery in West Hollywood

White, Simmons, Stanley & Diltz

White, Simmons, Stanley & Diltz

Last night, founding members of KISS showed up at The Morrison Hotel Gallery at The Sunset Marquis to promote an exhibit of Japanese art known as the KISS + UKIYO-E Project, a traditional art produced using wood-block prints. The exhibition, was also to honor some of the notable photographers who have been instrumental in capturing thier image over the years. Gallery co-owners and legendary photographers Timothy White and Henry Diltz were on hand. Photographers Bob Gruen, Neal Preston, Lynne Goldsmith, Norman Seeff, Patrick Harbron and Travis Shinn all had thier works displayed.

The band drew a massive crowd of both fans and photographers to the gallery, turning the event into a standing-room only event.  Gene Simmons looked very trim, dressed in his trademark black, and attributed his thinned-down self to a low-carb diet that has him “dying for some cake”.  At one point during the brief Q & A, after I asked Paul to tell us more about the art, Stanley turned the session around and started to quiz the crowd “to see who was paying attention”.

Many other noteables were present at the event, chief among them musical king-maker Rodney Bingenheimer.  Any night at The Morrison Hotel Gallery is legendary!

The exhibit is open to the public and will be up thru February 17th. All photographs in the exhibit, as well as many other KISS photographs are available for purchase at Morrison Hotel Gallery and at  For more information on the Kiss + Ukiyo-E project, please visit:


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