The Best Seat In The House – Ethan Russell Exhibition Comes To Santa Monica

Keith looking fabulous

If you’re a lover of all things Rolling Stones, and you couldn’t make it over to London for the Exhibitionism event, fear not, fellow Stones fans. The Morrison Hotel Gallery is bringing you something equally special, and you need not board an airliner to do it, even though the photo shown above makes it look fabulous. (Keith does look like the world revolves around him, doesn’t he?)

Ethan Russell – The Best Seat In The House will be hosted at Ron Robinson’s Santa Monica Flagship and Lifestyle Concept Store located at 1327 Fifth St. between Arizona and Santa Monica Blvd. The opening will take place Thursday May 12th, from 5 to 8 PM and the exhibit will be up through May 30th.

Ethan Russell is a world-renowned photographer, author, and director, and is most famously known for his work with The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and The Who, just to name a few. He shot the very last video of John Lennon; he was on the rooftop of Apple when The Beatles played the famous rooftop gig: he shot the cover of “Let It Be”, and so on. Way too many accomplishments to list here.

The event “spotlights his work outside the sphere of The Beatles” so I’m guessing that The Stones 1972 tour will be featured prominently at the event. The image below has been referred to as “one of the great rock photos of all time”.  This is a must-see event if you’re a classic rock lover.  Be there or be…..

The May 12th reception is open to the public but you MUST RSVP to:


See you there!

All images: Ethan Russell

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