Adam Carolla’s Launch Party For Endless Rant IPA: Hey Party People, it’s Time To Drink Up!

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I’m sure you all know about the bigger-than-life persona of comedian and pundit Adam Carolla through his podcast and his iconic presence on KROQ’s Loveline. Birthed out of a night of drinking and ranting, an alliance was forged between the folks at King Harbor Brewing and Adam Carolla. Working in collaboration with head brewer Phil McDaniel, Carolla created the Endless Rant IPA. Their efforts were celebrated with a launch party at King Harbor Brewery in Redondo Beach, with pizza, great folks and a delicious new beer, The Endless Rant IPA.

Rant IPA3Inside King Harbor, people gathered for the first public offering of the new IPA with appearances by Adam and Dr. Drew Pinsky at a blowout party of epic proportions. Felice Italian Catering, headed by Chef Danny Munguia who supplied the party with assorted bites and a wonderful, fresh wood fired pizza. The party was in full effect when Adam and Dr. Drew took a moment to pose for photos with Adam holding his favorite beer. It was the beginning of many jolly moments during the festivities, which continued throughout the afternoon and evening.

There were 4 different taste options Adam considered before they arrived at the final version of Endless Rant IPA. Adam framed it this way, “I like to make a statement…and then another, and another, and another…And I don’t settle when it comes to cars, politics, music…or BEER. So I set out to create a great brew to fuel bar stool arguments and tailgate pontification. While still embracing the classic citrus notes of a West Coast IPA, [this is] a beer that makes a statement. Thus, The Endless Rant IPA was born.”

The Endless Rant IPA uses the finest ingredients employing the keen skills from Phil McDaniel. The Hops used are Azacca (tropical, mango, fruity) and Cascade (citrus, grapefruit, floral), with a bit of Columbus (citrus, spicy) and the highest content is standard barley malt with a bit of English barley malt. The English malt gives the beer a little more body and malt flavor. The specialty malts are light caramel malt, and a malt called “honey malt” that has a distinct honey flavor. The press release sums up the IPA as being designed, “to have the hop profile that Adam wanted and…a balanced malt backbone. We made the beer slightly sweeter than most of the super dry IPAs that are coming out nowadays. This makes the beer more balanced and gives it a broader appeal. In other words, you don’t have to be a crazy hophead / IPA freak to enjoy this beer. Non-IPA drinkers will enjoy this beer because of its balance. IPA fans will also enjoy this beer because of the awesome hop profile that was designed by Adam.”

During my tasting, I immediately recognized the fruity elements to the beer. The florals were more subtle, with a little bitter bite at the finish. Endless Rant paired well with Felice’s wood fired thin crust pizza, which was covered in amazingly fresh ingredients all prepared on site.

Endless Rant has an alcohol content of 6.2%, which makes it an easy beer to drink with enough umph to keep the rant rolling, and not so much alcohol as to have the rant fall silent due to being over served, like higher alcohol content IPAs and Belgian beers. Of course, my excitement about being introduced to Endless Rant spilled into my over sharing to friends as I set about texting my enthusiasm of my Endless Rant adventure in photos and texts with my pals – true IPA and beer lovers.

Joining Adam was his wife, Lynette and Dr. Drew Pinsky to properly celebrate this exciting and much-anticipated craft beer. King Harbor vibrated with a healthy throng of beer fans who tipped a glass or two to live music and great pizza. King Harbor Brewery (2907 182nd St, Redondo Beach) has Endless Rant IPA available on tap and in 22 oz. bottles. Bottles can be purchased online and at several retail spots in Southern California for those curious and for those who want to be first on their block to score this new IPA offering.

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