The Desert Trip

The Desert Trip
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you had to have heard about what is being called “the concert of the century”, happening in Indio in October at The Empire Polo Club. The concert features Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, Neil Young, and The Who, which is quite the lineup, and inside sources tell me that if you want to go to this event, you’d better act fast, and I do mean fast.

With pricing options ranging from $199 to $1599, I have it on good word that a deal has already been made with after-market ticket brokers to sell most of the tickets. Organizers will sell tickets on their website for fifteen minutes or so before putting up the “sold out” banner. After that, you’ll likely be paying even higher prices through the brokers. There are hotel packages available on the site, but sources say that over 80% of the local rooms have been booked, and what remains is going up in price as we speak. Kind of like watching the stock market as prices are sure to rise and fall based on rumor and sales.

My sources also tell me that this is in fact a kick-off for The Rolling Stones tour of the second half of 2016. The tour is going to be scaled down, with roughly six cities in the mix, all on the east coast. So this will be your only chance to see a Stones concert in California in 2016, although with their longevity and love of touring, no doubt the band will be back at least a few more times in the forseeable future.

If the band does decide to rehearse for this show and tour, it will likely be in the same place that they used for the past two tours. The intrepid have been known to hang around the rehearsal facilities for an audible peek into what is to come. More news on this can be found at

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  1. Hector Barrera says:

    Good write-up Ivor. I’m going to try to get the tickets when they go on sale. But, I’m not holding up too much faith.

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