Our First Peek at Ludo Bird at Citiwalk

Ludo Provencal Sandwich

Pop-up pioneer Ludo Lefebvre’s second Ludo Bird has been open for two months at Universal City and it definitely delivers (It doesn’t literally deliver. Pick-up only). The austere building almost looks more like a movie theater ticket window than a fast food restaurant. Orders are taken at a small counter and picked up through a plexiglass window.

The menu is simple, and the prices are a little lower than his first Ludo Bird at The Staples Center. Buttermilk fried chicken (white meat only), Provencal or Spicy chicken sandwiches,  popcorn chicken bites, and wings plus some sides. Chef Lefebvre has managed to duplicate his juicy, flavorful chicken that was such a hit at Ludo Bites and his Ludo Bird truck. The chicken is boneless, coated with a heavily seasoned tight crust, sprinkled with thyme. Both the straight-up chicken and the sandwiches are worth the parking and the crowd at Citiwalk.

But our main obsession is the honey lavender biscuit, and yes, it is just as good. It is still made with a high-end honey. The other sides, like fries, are unremarkable. We only tried two sauces, because the well-seasoned chicken did not need sauce at all. The Ranch was as expected, and the Ludo Bird special sauce tasted of a little ketchup and reminded me a little of Catalina or Thousand Island dressing. All in all, it is clearly up to Ludo’s high standards. I for one will definitely be back for a second and even a third look.

Elise Thompson

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