watt’s picture of the week – monday, december 18, 2017

always have a camera in the boat! I just happened to be driving by guitar safari in my pedro town when I see this righteous cat eddie give my buddy dirk vandenberg an airline (made for “monkey ward” – maybe a “town & country” model?) that was just stolen from him a couple a days ago – someone was asking people in a supermarket parking lot around eight blocks away if they wanted a guitar and brother eddie made the good move. always have a camera in the boat and again, thank you brother eddie!

photo by mike watt

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3 Responses to watt’s picture of the week – monday, december 18, 2017

  1. eric p says:

    wow – that was fast!! i had a feeling she’d come flying back. i gotta meet this Eddie cat – my hero!! all’s well that ends well in Pedro-town. so relieved for my pal Dirk. cheerio!

  2. Ed Bustamante says:

    I just saw the photo of the guitar and all the fiasco Re: the Airline Town.and Country . In 2013 I was burglarized of a American Tele and a S.G.and a Gold Top Les Paul, a Black Mexican Strat a Marshall Head and a 32. Inch T.V! ITS THE MOST PAINFULL GUT WRENCHING FEELING KNOWING THAT SOMEONES PLAYING MY GUITAR!!!!! .Sincerely Ed Bustamante the man who got Dirks Guitar.

    • Michelle Yacuzzio says:

      Eddie should know hiw it feels and if he treated his guitars as special as he talks of em his own guitars and hed always have a loyal guitar waiting to be played by him and him only

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