watt’s picture of the week – monday, march 12, 2018

unless you’re at katz’s it’s ‘pert-near impossible to find a liverwurst sandwich these days in new york city let alone so cal but damn if I didn’t find a pad that still slings them and it’s right here in my own pedro town! south shores meat shop here just north of where twentyfith street meets western avenue (yeah, that western – it’s a long fuckin road) is where I get my mustard lettuce tomato onion liverwurst on a roll made fresh in front of me for only four dollars. econo and good eats. I also get jars of sauerkraut they got imported from poland there.

photo by mike watt

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  1. Monique LeBleu says:

    A liverwurst sandwich that hasn’t been made at home with a Farmer John product: I must have it!

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