‘Little House on the Prairie’’s Bad Girl Nellie Oleson-aka Alison Arngrim-Gears up for June 10th ‘Nasty Nellie Tour’, a Patsy Cline-Style Trip to Connecticut all on the heels of The Alison Arngrim Show Premiering on UBN!

Ever wonder what Little House on the Prairie’s Nellie Oleson, best known as Alison Arngrim, is doing these days – and more to the point, how varied, sundry and intriguing they are to the apex of waxing as diverse as that of the impressions of Rich Little? Well, funny you should ponder such questions as the LA Beat recently caught up with Arngrim at Rich Little’s latest book signing!

Not only is she forever carrying out her childhood legacy in badassery via her continued tours and acknowledgments of her legendary autobiography Confessions of a Prairie Bitch, Arngrim is now also playing tour guide in her own right to the dearly departed, to speak nothing of best friend to Patsy Cline, by way of taking her theatrical acting tour to Connecticut. A featured new hosting gig with UBN Radio ads additional compliment to curative intrigue for anyone other than a so-called prairie beyotch wishing to confess!

“Saturday, June 10th at 3 pm, I will be doing the Nasty Nellie Tour with Dearly Departed Tours … and it’s awesome, (singing) 3-hour tour”… (Though, if memory serves, no one on Gilligan’s Island ever self-associated with the dearly or not so dearly departed, unless you count the boat), ” said Arngrim. “If you’ve read my book [Confessions of a Prairie Bitch] you’ll love it. We go to all the places in my book … We go to famous places, [and] I have weird stories about all of them!”

Included on the tour Michael Landon’s house, Liberace’s pad aka “Uncle Liberace” to bad girl Nellie and a nice and sweet respite for milk shakes at the Farmer’s Market thereafter.

“August 4th there’s a bookstore called Beyond Baroque out in Venice, I’ll be [interviewed live] for this thing called Inside the Writer’s Studio … and we’ll be selling books!,” Arngrim continued.

And for any-and-all-East Coasties or Anyone flying post haste out of L.A. on the 8th month of the year to avoid the late summer southwest toasties:

Photo Courtesy of BHBPR

“And then in August, right after that, I am on a plane ‘cause I am doing a marvelous show called Always Patsy ClineI’m not playing Patsy Cline, I can’t sing, [but] Louise the wonderfully, eccentric, fabulous woman who was friends with Patsy!” Described by Arngrim as “two one women shows squished together” this not-to-be-missed musical opens at the Sharon Playhouse on August 17, 2018, and runs through September 2, 2018.

For tickets and Information, please visit:


Flanked by Arngrim’s equally enterprising and steadfast husband Bob, both a musician, construction worker, (to speak nothing of Nellie Tamer) the interview would not be complete with out a bit of badass rock n’ roll intrigue via invite to Viva Cantina to see Bob’s band Catahoula (for which he strums lead guitar) play on June 30, 2018!

And as if that couldn’t get any better or more personalized–last but definitely not least, beginning June 12th Arngrim will commence hosting The Alison Arngrim Show via the Universal Broadcasting Network from the heart of Hollywood California at beautiful Gower Studios in a program that is sure to inform, delight and incite much laughter for all!!!

And with a ‘tude and knack for chat like Arngrim’s the time is overly nigh!!!

For more information about All-Things-Arngrim, please visit the website below and, as a jaunty addendum, the YouTube interview above is quite scintillating, if not, informative!!!




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