Leimert Park Beautification Project

Photos by Paula Lauren Gibson/AFROPIX

Leimert Park, California started out as a garden oasis, tree-lined streets community whose landscaping design involved Frederick Olmstead Jr. Fast forward to 2016 when a group of residents got together and decided to do a garden tour to highlight all the beautiful gardens at the homes. At the time it was agreed that the ticket sales would be used to cover the cost with the profits used for “a beautification project in Leimert Park.”

Photo gallery after break.

Brent Green holding final design plan.

The 2017 Leimert Park Garden Tour was a resounding success. Thereafter, a plan developed by GreenArt Landscape Design’s honcho Brett Green to beautify the roundabout median on Degnan south of Martin Luther King Blvd began.

The multiracial community has worked together to make this a reality and after almost a year of bureaucratic hoops, they were able to start planting on Saturday, October 27, 2018, under Brett Green’s guidance.

The City of Los Angeles also donated several infant jacaranda trees for the site. By next year’s tour, it is hoped that this will be a sight to behold and enjoyed by residents for years to come.



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  1. Jonathan Grier says:

    This is so wonderful. Great job. I’m sorry that I didn’t get a chance to help.

  2. Brent Green says:

    Beautiful!!!! I am so proud of us!!!! Great job Paula!!!! Bravo Lemiert Park Garden Tour Team!!!!!!

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