Surf Music Keeps The Summer Tiki Season Going With Three New Releases

Surf Music is one of the classic genres of rock, coming along with a distinctive “beachy” sound. It is also a tour-de-force for instrumentalists, with some songs having vocals but instrumentals playing a predominant role. From artists like Dick Dale and the Deltones, the Rivieras, the Ventures and many others, the new crop of surf music artists have learned the secrets of great surf music. Dionysus Records has been instrumental in this, first having brought back classic albums from groups such as the Avengers and now showing the current generation with groups such as Jason Lee and the R.I.P. Tides, Surfer Joe and The Hang Ten Hangmen.

Jason Lee and the R.I P. Tides have been keeping the tiki crowds happy for a long time now, with their albums including the current Monsters and Mai Tais release. Based out of San Diego and popular at major events such as San Diego’s Tiki Oasis, the Hukilau and Tiki Caliente, Jason Lee’s latest release shows why his music keeps people at major festivals on their feet and dancing. Jason  skillfully blends elements of surf music along with his skills on guitar, honed by years as a top YouTube instructor on surf, rockabilly and spaghetti western genres. This fully instrumental release on Dionysus Records is great for a tiki party!

Surfer Joe is known as the hardest working man in surf music. He comes out of an area not really known here as a surf music stronghold; Livorno, Italy. There, Lorenzo “Surfer Joe” Valdambrini is known not only for his performances, but also for his tiki bar, restaurant and music venue. He also plays at many international festivals and hosts the prestigious yearly Surfer Joe Summer Festival. Like his major influence Dick Dale, he can switch seamlessly from a high energy surf tune to a beautiful ballad. Popular in the US too, Surfer Joe’s latest release Swell of Dwell showcases his reverence for traditional surf music and can only add to his international reputation as one of the surf music giants. Another fully instrumental album, Swell of Dwell presents pure, unadulterated surf music with an emphasis on the quality of the melodies. With many previous albums that have been hugely popular, this first release on Dionysus Records will serve to show even a wider range of fans why he’s at the top of the game with surf music.

The Hang Ten Hangmen will be introducing their latest release on October 12. This Is Boss will be their first full-length vinyl release. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, the Hang Ten Hangmen are truly a high energy surf music group that throws interesting elements into their songs. Even the “60’s spaghetti western” sound makes it to a track on This Is Boss. Another instrumental release, this is perfect for playing when you want to feel like summer is still here.

Surf music has always been a genre that is readily identifiable and as such, creates a mood that puts people in an immediate “beachy” frame of mind. With these new Dionysus Records releases, the cool days of fall can still give way to tiki parties, mai tais and beach fun even when it’s cold outside and you’re not near a beach. So mix up a pitcher of tiki drinks, grab some pu-pus (Hawaiian appetizers) and make the summer endless!

For info and downloading access to their catalog: Dionysus Records website

Dionysus Records Facebook Page

Surfer Joe video

Hang Ten Hangmen video

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