Meggie Jones Launches Healthful and Beautifying Antioxidant and Mineral Delivery System by way of “Nutrient Body Sculpt” and “Nutrient Body Touch”!

Meggie Jones: Creator of Nutrient Body Sculpt and Nutrient Touch; Photo Courtesy of BHBPR

Vitamins: When most Gen Xers conjure up said image, it typically evokes that of The Flintstones in all their multicolored glory!  Minerals: Those things extracted from the mine from which Fred and Barney culled all raw materials to craft their bowling balls, baseball bats (doubling as caveman clubs) and everything beholden to the town of Bedrock.  Well now acquaint yourself with a much more adult incarnation of said nutrient delivery system –natural, vegan, and GMO free– in the form of Nutrient Body Sculpt and Nutrient Body Touch for Animals (aka Vitaminerals 2.0 as proclaimed by the LA Beat.) Brainchild of Meggie Jones, this innovative new health regimen centers around supplemental absorption by way of the body’s biggest organ: The skin. Yes! This no chewing, no possibility of choking but all soaking, gentle, yet robust treatment will leave you feeling pampered, yet pumped!  Featuring a body wrap, and an even more recently formulated bath elixir, the two treatments are currently sweeping the nation and storming the kingdom: That of the animal kingdom in particular, as Jones has extended her repertoire to cater to pets, in conjunction with horses!  Made from the finest antioxidant and mineral content, via counsel of some of the world’s top antioxidant scientists, Jones has developed one of the first antioxidant mineral wraps and bath balms to no less than stellar and therapeutic results!

“It’s really cool…and bizarre,” says Jones. “People love what it does. They don’t understand it until they’ve experienced it… [But] we haven’t marketed it. We’ve only done word of mouth [advertising]. We’re all over the country by word of mouth, but once someone experiences it, it’s a [game] changer for them because many people haven’t had the experience of feeling what it’s like to [be immersed in] minerals, micronutrients and antioxidants…and all of a sudden they feel so relaxed and some people feel kind of euphoric!”

While modestly reticent to make any specific claims, a fair amount of celebrities have tried this cutting edge treatment and have not been shy to express their own opinions of how they feel this particular therapy has helped them.

According to Emmy Winning General Hospital star Carolyn Hennesy: “Nutrient Body Sculpt is my beauty secret weapon. I slimmed down for the Emmys – and won!”

Tap dancer and Tony Winner Ben Vereen had this to say, “Wrap your mind around this. It makes me feel better. It detoxes me, it energizes me, and helps slenderize me. I love it!”

And 89-year-old Hitchcock Darling Tippi Hedren knows whereof she speaks through experience and expense of trial and error and provided this bird’s eye view of her Nutrient Body Sculpt encounter: “It tightened my skin. Plus, I saw the effects immediately on my face. I am approached by a lot of people with products, but this really works!”

And there are many more accolades where that came from!

The LA Beat caught up with Meggie pre-business travel at the Farmer’s Market Grove:

So, how did you get started?

I had my own facility where I catered to the elderly, and we also catered to hospice patients. But we were a private pay facility… I was originally working with these residents on skin integrity. [But then] I ended up having these two patients who couldn’t afford to stay. So, I had to find a way to supplement the income because I didn’t want to have to put them into a county facility… You only have a license for so many beds. Originally, I created [the product] just to put on the skin. Then we took it into a spa setting and we made it into a…I don’t even like to use the word, but we sculpt the body [in] a very advanced body wrap. But people mentally go somewhere when they hear “body wrap” and they don’t understand that [it’s] not the same. We’re not a dehydrating product which is what most body wraps are. They sweat you out. All we are are natural antioxidants and minerals…[applied] trans dermally so the skin can absorb it over time. But we’re also cosmetic…even though we’re going to head towards the medical arena. So, we created it as a body treatment. Then we met doctors that were congressionally funded. They were approached by the military…and privately funded. They spent around 30 million in the Department of Defense creating antioxidants for the military. They also had NASA contracts… It took a lot of work for them to create a formula [that was] transdermal. So [our product] comes from doctors that are in the top of the field [in] antioxidant science.

How is it administered?

We shape the body… A lot of people have free radicals and free radicals are a [damaging] chemical reaction which lives in the electron… An antioxidant…has an extra electron [which] can help with getting rid of free radicals. I’m not making any medical claims. We’re not curing, treating or diagnosing anybody. I’m just letting you know the power of antioxidants. Then minerals activate the enzymes and they activate the antioxidants as well. So they’re very important to the body. The body doesn’t produce them naturally and [while] it depends on the study…approximately 80-90% of the people in this country aren’t actually getting these minerals… We train spas and clinics [and they administer the treatment.]

Body wraps and baths…?

Yes. the bath won’t be contouring but it will still be very beneficial to get some of those antioxidants and minerals. And then the dog bath…can assist with lowering inflammation and it can assist in helping with pain and hip pain [along] with being a mood enhancer, and it’s a great longevity tool… Then…in about a month—horses. Not baths but sessions with horses where we lay [wraps] over the top of the horse…

Now what’s the added benefit between what you do and taking a pill?  ‘Cause people take antioxidants all the time and I don’t see them losing inches… So, what’s the distinction?

If you take a bath you’re not necessarily losing inches either, but [with the wrap] we’re contouring at the same time…but the other thing that’s happening is…some people have inflammation of the gut…and they have trouble getting [full nutritional] penetration… But I still think it’s really important to take good antioxidants and minerals. It’s super important to eat high level nutrients…and antioxidants… And it’s also important to exercise. I’ve been on my journey. I’ve dropped over 150 Lbs. but this has assisted me in part of it. [Nutrient Body Sculpt] is not going to take somebody really heavy and take them all the way down [to their ideal weight]. It’s not going to do that. So, people get a little confused. They think we’re a weight loss product because we sometimes have had people lose up to two sizes in a series of twelve [sessions]. But it’s not like that. It’s simply a healthy product that has some cosmetic benefit…[and sometimes it helps people along…]: jump starting them to eat healthier. They start exercising… [I’m] still working on my own weight battles which I’ve had my whole life… It’s a little hard for me…And It’s hard to explain what we are to people because they think immediately “weight loss product” and it’s so much more. We’re not really considered a weight loss product. we’re considered a healthy body treatment with antioxidants and minerals.

But that’s sometimes one of the side benefits…

…Again we’ve done so many people and some people have successful results in that area. I just don’t want to mislead people and make them think this is the only answer. I think we’re a piece of the puzzle. But I think we’re a really valuable piece of that puzzle.

That’s neat. Now when you say “contour” like when you have the antioxidants and the minerals and you’re contouring, is it a certain device that you use, or is it just the wrap?

We use about 22 different bandages on a person. We soak the product into the bandages, and then we shape the body. We do a man differently than we do a woman. We do someone that’s got weight to lose differently than we do someone who’s trying to work on a six pack they already have. We have a technique that can help show the six pack, but the six pack has to be there. We can’t give them a six pack… So, it just depends on what they’re looking for as far as the change. If you look at the marketplace, you have vanity driven products and you have health driven products. Tell me, I challenge you, to find something that does both. We do both.

What fuels your need to help people?

My father was a real abusive guy and he kidnapped me when I was 5, [along with] my brothers.

So, your parents were separated.

Yeah. My father was not a nice man. He’s passed away but he did some crazy things.  So…I was a pretty damaged kid. I didn’t feel I had value… And [when] I was a teenager…I tried to commit suicide… My landlord found me… I was in a coma for several days. I took prescription sleeping pills that belonged to somebody, and I was not expecting to wake up in the hospital. I was actually quite shocked to wake up there ‘cause I didn’t reach out and call anybody. I just put my favorite music on and thought “Okay, well now we’ll see what happens…” But it didn’t even dawn on me that I was going to wake up in the hospital.

You just thought it was going to be done and that was it.

But I am so grateful that I did… [Now] I have an understanding that a lot of people don’t. Like a lot of people have had somebody that committed suicide in their life. They’re left with two things typically: One:  “If I’d only done something to help them.” Well most of the time, when somebody gets to that ledge and they’re ready to jump, it wouldn’t matter if you walked in as Prince Charming with a million dollars, it’s not going to fix it. And the second thing is that, a lot times, at least with me, I shut down emotionally for about three weeks… So, the second thing people are left with is, “Why would they do that to their family? Why would they do that to me?” Well, when I shut down emotionally, I couldn’t feel any emotions. I couldn’t connect with the fact that I was going to leave anybody in pain. So, it didn’t register because I wasn’t feeling the emotions… So, if you can’t feel emotions you can’t comprehend other people’s emotions… So anyway, I feel like I can help some people that are left behind… A lot of people have been dealing with 30-40 years of pain, and I’ve been able to explain what happened to me, and it’s really helped them heal. I really want to be able to do that. So that’s part of my mission to get that done too!

That’s amazing. Now what did you do in the medical profession before all this?

I trained in everything you could think of. I worked on all the units, I worked on telemetry and oncology and…went through all the different trainings. Initially, I was a nurse’s aide/medical assistant…and I ended up getting my own manager/caregiver’s license to own my own facility. I was going to school for nursing, but I ended up becoming a supervisor over-staffing all these nurses, and I just grew really fast. I think because of the challenges I went through as a kid, I wanted to be a healer…. I loved the Western Medical field, but I also fell in love with the Eastern medical field, and I feel that there is a place for both. I think that some things are a little overdone on both sides. But I…[studied] everything I could so I would always be needed in the fields that I could work in.

That’s pretty amazing. Now, I know you touched on it a bit, but as I’m sure you’re aware—particularly amidst my readers–there is a somewhat great divide between the so-called “Medical Industrial Complex” and Eastern/Less Conventional Medicine.  And my ears couldn’t help but perk up when you mentioned the word “military” when talking about the antioxidant doctors you were working with. Could you speak to that?

Right…I understand where you’re coming from. So…just to clarify, the doctors that I worked with were antioxidant scientists/research and development doctors that were approached by the military… They don’t work for the government. They were hired by the government to create a formula… They were dealing with post-traumatic stress, and they were seeing that it was helping with the post-traumatic stress, and it was helping with depression. They were seeing that it was lowering inflammation, and it was helping the immune system, and that’s what they were seeing with the oral. Now all we did was hire them to create our transdermal version of that product, so it’s a little bit different because we haven’t done 30 million-dollar studies in the Department of Defense but it is their formula and they know antioxidants better than anybody…


That’s what they spend their life on… Research. I feel like, if you get the right mix of minerals and vitamins and antioxidants…I think that’s really key. There’s a lot of things out there that have fillers in them that are not good for you… But I do think that it’s very important to be preventative if you can…and, [as far as doctors go]…it used to be they were hard core one way or the other…either all Eastern or all Western… I’m seeing a big shift in that. I’m seeing a lot of doctors who go…“Look, I just want what’s going to work for my patient.” and I love those doctors… Chinese Medicine’s over 5000 years old to my understanding… There is so much beautiful history [there]… There’s a lot more financial backing in the pharmaceutical industry, but in some situations people need [that too]… It’s a balance. And I think it’s important. I…myself I go more on the preventative natural side…But let me tell you, if I’m told to take something and I don’t know [what it is] I’m going to [do a lot of] research…and do what’s right for my body.

Now speaking of that, when you see a patient, or somebody who comes in for a treatment, do you assess their health or do any kind of blood test to see what they’re deficient in? Do you tailor something for them, or is it pretty much easily enough done as a one stop shopping situation where these vitamins will help anybody? It doesn’t matter who you are, young, old ailing…?

We do have some facilities that are starting to do that. The doctors are starting to do that. We sell to clinics and spas and all over the world, so we ourselves don’t get into that because there are different programs that they have.

Now I would assume the formula’s a little bit different for humans vs. animals.

It is, but it isn’t. Antioxidants and minerals: for the most part, all mammals need them.

One thing I heard recently about the absorption of antioxidants and minerals, is that the more you need them, or the sicker you are, sometimes the faster you absorb them because your body’s so depleted. What can you tell me about that?

[What we have]…goes on the skin, and absorbs over time. But I will tell you that, yes, I will see people who come in and feel kind of high like a kite, [at the end of their treatment], not…like they’re doing drugs, but in a euphoric [way]. The more euphoric, usually the more deficient they were. [And] most everybody feels relaxed. And then a lot of people–I’d say most people–get an energy [boost]. I’ve had people get energy for up to ten days; not like a Red Bull Energy…a healthy kind of energy.

And it’s common knowledge, at least in any health food store, that Magnesium and Calcium help the muscles relax.

But magnesium is just one piece [of the puzzle] and there are different kinds of magnesium. There are some that are better than others and there are some that may cost ten times more…but their quality is really great. [Our formula]… is all natural and vegan and GMO free but it takes them a long time to put it together…[and] each time we have to order a new batch. Because we use very high-grade ingredients…

And where do you get the ingredients that go into your treatment?

They get them from natural sources. So, there’s a whole process…I don’t want to go into too much ‘cause its proprietary. But they’re not salt water based, no iodine or anything like that, but there’s some skin of grape: resveratrol…selenium…I love selenium. It’s one of my favorite antioxidants out there… I am really looking forward to [a day] when they can release all the data… But I’m kind of moving into claims and I kinda don’t want to [go there].

Oh, release the data regarding selenium and its benefits?

Oh yeah. There’ve been some really amazing benefits.

So, what’s holding them back?

Well there’s no money in the industry.

I guess that’s what I was referring to before.

Yeah, without getting too crazy with it… I just feel like I’ll be stepping into an area I have to be careful with.

Sure. Now just remind us again, what are many of the ways, obviously our environment’s one of them, that our body picks up free radicals? Pollution is one…

Well free radicals can [be produced] from stress; even just normal stress and even good stress like exercise. So basically…free radicals are created by oxidative damage. [When you] lose an electron, the antioxidant has extra electrons so it will go into your bloodstream…and it will annihilate that free radical. So that’s what’s cool about it…

…We’re actually also going to be trying to put together a program where we’re going to be doing some non-profits for pets. We’re already contributing to Loretta Swit’s non-profit that she’s got with dogs, and we also want to build a program for teens… We’ve been wanting to work on this for awhile. It’s [taken some time] because we’ve been [working on] the business, but we want to work on people [with specific needs]…[i.e. the] elderly with the bath product. I’m pretty excited about that… I really just want people to get educated on antioxidants.

Oh but I have to ask you, for the pet thing…How to you handle it on a cat. ‘Cause cats don’t like baths.

Some cats do…But…one of the doctors is helping us get an oral formula together too. So, I’m excited about that and…it lays topical on the horse. A lot of those horses, when they have the harness on them…get locked up. They get inflammation, and they can’t yawn. And a lot of times the owner and the trainer don’t know it.

That makes me want to yawn.

Yeah it makes you want to yawn. So, it lays topical on the horse and [we] just kind of make sure it’s warm and it opens the pores and…it can assist with mobility. It enhances the mood. There are so many great things that it does.

Now for dogs…is it a bath for dogs?


Okay so dogs can obviously do the baths and the horses get covered up.

Yeah. They can put it on the fur behind the joints. But I think it’s much more effective if they do the bath for the dogs. It’s not a body treatment for the dogs at all. They’re not doing any contouring at all.

Perfect and…lastly, what are some of the most transformative stories about this that you’ve ever seen?

Well I’ve had some amazing ones… I have a lot of claims, but I have to be careful ‘cause I’m building a business and I want to build it so I can do philanthropy. Coming through my situation as a kid, I just really wanted to feel like I made a shift on the earth. I’m not driven in the same way that other people are. I don’t care about the fancy stuff. That’s not what drives me. What I care about is really making the impact, and making the change and helping with the legacy… When you go and you work with somebody who can’t afford shoes and doesn’t have a roof over their head or is starving and they have children that are starving…sometimes you have to help ‘em up off the ground to teach ‘em how to fish. And when you’ve been a part of taking someone who’s in unbelievable despair and been able to help them just get on their feet [it’s a great thing]. I’m selfish really because I get so much from [it]… When you buy a car or a house…anything…a house maybe six months later, you’re still excited but [the excitement of] everything else [lasts] maybe a minute or ten minutes…But when you do something like that, you can look back ten years [later] and think about one of those particular experiences and you can feel it in every cell of your body… So I just want to feel like I’m here for a purpose. I survived that crazy thing. I wouldn’t suggest anybody ever do that. But I didn’t know I had value at the time, and now I do, and I want to help other people find their value…I just want to be able to help people and animals too. I just really want to do that. I love it!

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