Where Rock And Photography Meet Art

If you’ve ever read any of my articles, you know that there are two things that I’m absolutely passionate about; Music and Photography. If I can combine the two, I’m in heaven. Coming up on Saturday, September 14 is the opening reception for Karen Fishof’s solo exhibition titled, “Radiate”.  Karen, one of the founders of Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp has met her share of musicians over the years, so naturally she’s decided to leverage her storied background with some pretty compelling images. If you’re thinking that this is just another show with photos of rock stars, you’re in for a treat.  Karen has composed all of her images by placing the subjects right on the photo paper, turning on the lights, and developing the prints. There were no cameras involved!

There are pieces of ephemera from some pretty big names in music that were used in the creation of these images, such as a pair of Ginger Baker’s and Ringo Starr’s drumsticks. There’s another print where the guitars are “signed guitars by the most famous acts in the business.”  If you think that the development of photographic prints is a lost art, see this exhibit.  I for one still miss developing my own prints, the smells of the chemicals, and the end result. See if you can guess which rock stars were used in the production of the art.  If you’re at the reception, there’s a good chance you may run into the subjects themselves, because wherever Karen Fishof goes, rock stars follow. My original story on the camp she co-founded can be found here: Sweet Dreams are Made of This.  For more information on the artist, you can visit her website. For information on the event, click here.

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