THEATRE REVIEW: ‘Pit of Goblins’ Comically Scares Up From Deep Within

The scariest of things is not that which slinks behind walls, lurks in the dark, or hides deep within a dark and ominous pit. It is that which stands before us, in plain sight, and often without giving us the remotest clue of how truly frightened we should be.

Hollywood Fringe veteran Mitchell Bisschop’s newest multi-media infused show, “Pit of Goblins,” tells the story of Wayne, a small-town serial killer who feeds his victims to a pit of goblins in the woods in order to avoid discovery.

In this, Bisschop paints both a funny and realistically sad picture of a man who, encouraged by desperation and a comically twisted sense of justification, commits acts of horror in order to prevent the destruction of his hopes, dreams, and aspirations within his community.

What the show lacks linearly, it makes up for in Bisschop’s fully clear and realized characterization of a desperate–albeit pathetic–man whose dreams and any remote forethought are as limited as his narcissistic imagination and complete lack of self-awareness. In this, he justly earns some combination of empathy and pity over the character’s desperation.

Bisschop’s writing excels in highlighting elements of contemporary and vintage–70’s and 80’s–pop culture, especially in his hilarious 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival solo show gem “I Can Hear You Now.” In his return to The Complex with his dark comedy horror, “Pit of Goblins,” he has done the same justice with regard to serial killer fact and cult lore.

This shows returns from its premiere at the Hollywood Fringe Festival this last June 2019. Late though this review is, hopeful are the chances this show might once again encore.

Today only, Sunday, October 20, 2019, at 5 p.m., with a special post-show event, so make sure to stick around after the show.

Pit of Goblins” is at The Complex Hollywood, Ruby Theatre, 6476 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025.

The play contains mature themes and under the age of 18 is not suggested. Late Entry is not permitted and a strobe effect is used in the performance. Tickets at the door are $20, and the runtime is 90 minutes, including the post-show shenanigans.

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