Christmas Day L.A. Escape: What’s Open Late

The Seabass at Roy’s Restaurant, Pasadena, California, April 15, 2019. Photo by Monique A. LeBleu

Full of excess holiday cheer or not full enough? Got an empty fridge or just need a wee escape? Here are a few watering holes, places to eat, and other ways to slip away from the excessively festive and hectically familial that are open for you tonight.

The Pikey

Dinner until 10 p.m., and a late-night menu as well until 1:30 a.m.

Fogo de Chão 

Brazilian BBQ for a little something different on Christmas Day eve.

Stag Bar and Kitchen

Where everybody knows your name, probably.

Roy’s Pasadena

Island-style for a change of pace. Open until 9 p.m. for dinner.

Merry Christmas from our Ohana to yours — and may your holidays shine as bright as the sun.

Posted by Roy's Restaurant on Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The Pikey

Dinner until 10 p.m., and a late-night menu as well until 1:30 a.m.

The Pantry

There might be a line, but if your tummy is even remotely empty, it will be worth the weight in comfort food.

Le Petit Paris

Three words: Flambéed Truffle Pasta.

The Yardhouse, LA Live

Fried Mac and Cheese and a beer flight will make everything all right.

DKs Donuts

Because 24-hour donuts.

Pike Bar

Kitchen closes at 7 p.m., but the bar is open late.

La Michoacana Premium

Open until 10 p.m. for that late-night ice cream fix and mangoneadas in Baldwin Park.

New Wave Bar

80’s music nostalgia will fix those holiday blues.

The Olive

In Downey. Happy hour is until 7 p.m., some menu items include Salmon Ceviche, Deviled Filet Mignon, and Kibbi made with Filet Mignon. Pamper yourself. You made the Nice list.

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