Farewell Runyon Canyon Honor Cooler

Runyon Canyon Entrance, January 23, 2024. Photo by Else “Evil E” Duff

For nearly two decades, Runyon Canyon hikers and dog walkers could count on grabbing a bottle of water or a snack at a stand located right by the park’s entrance at the Fuller Avenue gate. Ran completely on the honor system, people were trusted to leave money based on suggested pricing. With the rise of payment apps easing the ability to pay, the selection of beverages and snacks grew. Options included a variety of drinks, fresh fruit, protein bars, chips, and at one point – freshly squeezed orange juice. Free treats were available to dogs along with a watering station. Today the stand is gone.

In June of 2010, KNBC reported that many people believed the stand was ran by an elf as the owner preferred to remain anonymous. KNBC noted that the stand had been there for 4 years at the time of their reporting. While many people had doubts that the stand could exist on self-checkout, especially someplace like Los Angeles, a FaceBook account simply states that: People are good.  Ultimately it was the end of the COVID-19 era eviction moratorium that finally led to the honor cart’s demise.

Social media accounts for the Runyon Canyon Honor Cooler currently have no comments regarding the closing of the snack stand.









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